NAWC taking forever with wcc results

  1. I'm getting so impatient waiting to find out if I passed NAWC exam!!! Took class last week(2/18-22), test on Friday. Goodness, it's a SCANTRON. ..and only 9 in my class. How long did it take for you to find out?
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  3. by   juicij
    Hi, just wondering if you got your results for your WCC!! I am going to the Wound Care Institute Education class next month for my WCC, how was the class??
  4. by   cnbwillrn
    Hi, I took the course in Feb. Very interesting, lots of info, great visuals, and a great presenter-Bill. The hard part for me now is I need to find a preceptor-not many around!
  5. by   NC29mom
    I learned a lot....very interesting and informative. The class I attended was taught by a PT...would have preferred a nursing perspective. The most frustrating part is waiting for the test results.'s been 7 (almost 8 ) business days, and still no word..... I would highly recommend the class.
  6. by   juicij
    Glad to hear the class is informative!! Did you do any prestudying before you went , I bought the Wound Care Institute flash cards they recommended and bought one of the wound care books they recommended!! NC29mom, I hope you get your results soon!!!!
  7. by   NC29mom
    I finally got my results yesterday. ..and I am officially a WCC!

    Ive always had an interest in wound care, so have done a lot of reading online. I think it would be a fair comment to say I probably had more wound care knowledge than most. I didnt think the exam was difficult; however, I too purchased the flash cards and found them rather helpful. Good luck!
  8. by   juicij
    Congratulations on passing!! Good luck with your wound care career!!!!