Long term effects on tenders

  1. I am trying to finds some statistics on the long term effects of hyperbaric dives on tenders in multi chambers.
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  3. by   Lfransis
    I am currently in nursing school, but worked as a commercial diver for 5 years in the GOM. I am not aware of any long-term effects of multiple decompressions in the hyperbaric chamber.

    Basically decompressing to (X)ft in the chamber is the equivalency of diving to the same (X)ft in salt water. ATA remains the same.
    As long as you are following NAVY tables accurately in both scenarios, there are usually no complications to the diver/tender.
    There are Divers in their 60's w/out notable complications of repetative commercial dives/chamber runs using Surface supplied air and/or Mixed gas thru-out their 20-40yr career.(could be wrong)
    I have never ran across any statitics on this, but I think I will check into it.

    Constant fluctuations in the ATA and O2/He02 sats. would obviously mean constant fluctuations in the body.
    I might would be more concerned about the long-term effects of constant O2 @depth or any other breathing media you might be using, like HeO2.
    But I have no answer to your question.

    If your in the Dive Industry, you probaly have visited offshorediver.com
    You might propose the question to John Roat, an old-schooler.
    Dive Safe,
  4. by   PinkPenguin763
    I know this is old, so I doubt the people that originally posted are still interested, but if anyone new comes across this like I did I would recommend diversalertnetwork.com for more information on this topic. I was kind of wondering the same thing, along with what effects being a frequent diver and a tender would have. As far as being a tender and diver I guess you would just have to ensure that you did not do any deep dives, or possibly any diving, when you are scheduled to be on call.
  5. by   ggoodman
    Im an avid cave diver and Have done many dives(238) well past the 200' mark using various mixes and to date have felt no ill effects. Many of my friends with Many more dives than me and considerably older are fairing well aside from the health concerns of an aging pop.

    With the recent boom in tech diving I have a feeling that more data will become available in the future concerning health issued related to deep diving.

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