first time using a wound vac...please help

  1. okay so i just recently got hired for a home health agency and they called me today to go see a patient who has a wound vac. However I don't have many experience on wound vac...i was wondering if anyone can give me some tips or clues on what to expect (i have seen one before I just don't the steps to do as far how to apply, turn off, etc). My boss said to ask around and to look at some youtube video. any tips that you can offer me will help...thank you for your time

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  3. by   annaedRN
    I am sorry that you are not receiving any support or orientation from your boss/agency - it makes it much harder to succeed in home health. Anyway - this link is you best bet. You can also call your KCI rep and ask for tips if it is a tricky wound or patient. Good luck

    V.A.C. Application Videos and Guides | KCI
  4. by   incredibleme
    My suggestion to you would be to go read the manual if available. If not, a KCI rep could be very helpful. However, if something goes wrong-not sealed-and you have to remove it my advice would be to pay attention to the dressing as you take it off. We have a newer wound vac on our units now. They have button indicators that show you what the potential problem could be. Where is the wound?
  5. by   mommy.19
    I would highly recommend calling the KCI number found at the website linked to by annedRN, and they will give you contact information for your nearest KCI rep....they are generally extremely helpful and can even meet you at the patient's home and help you apply it. Hope it works out!

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