Clean hand dirty hand technique?

  1. Hi im a 3rd year nursing student and we have a wound and pain care assignmnet. i would be most grateful if anyone has information regarding the clean hand dirty hand technique in wound dressing, and/ or if there is any research or information on recieving opiod analgesia whilst in pain increases the risk of addiction.. please please help me.... thankyou heaps. Kira-dee
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  3. by   billiejorn
    hi Kira-dee
    i ve been qulifed for two years i trained at brighton uni that technique we we did not use and i dont use it, i've never seen that technique used, i am not sure about the research as ive not looked it up?
    as for opiod addiction ive not heard of it as then pain team and us nurses are aware of that risk which is minermal as the patient is weaned off meds such as those before discharge so i would personal say that is low.
    from my own expericance. i hope that is helpful to you.
    good luck with your assignment.