Calmoseptine on a stage II?

  1. Can you put calmoseptine ointment on a stage 2 pressure ulcer? What product, if any do you put on a stage 2 if you are using an island dressing?
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  3. by   NC29mom
    My all time favorite choice for a stage ii is Lanteseptic. Does wonders and I live by it. I think the ingredients may be similar to what you are talking about. Depending on the location of the wound, I don't always use a dressing. For example: pt with stage II surrounded by incontinence related dermatitis to sacrum/ dressing...apply lanteseptic after each incontinence episode.
  4. by   txnursegiggles
    I have used calmoseptine on small stage II ulcers, sometimes with a foam/abd pad cut in half placed over it. I have also used hydrocolloid.