Anyone heard of Comfry leafs for wounds?

  1. I do private duty nursing and my patient has now 3 stage IV wounds. His mother has a friend who uses Comfry Leaf mashed up and mixed with honey to pack wounds with. She leaves this in 48 hours, then uses Me-Salt for 12 hours. At the beginning, he had ony 2 wounds..Stage II-III. The third wound came up about 4-5 weeks after beginning the Comfry treatment and has quickly became a Stage IV approx. 6cm x 5.5cm and now has tunneled into one of the older wounds making it 7.5cm x 8cm. Nothing has changed with the patient except for the Comfry tx the mother has begun using. My pt. has MD and is up to a wheelchair everyday for 7-8 hours a day. I've have read what I could about Comfry on the net, but what I read says to use on superficial wounds. Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone have any suggestions?
    He has an appt. with the wound clinic right after Christmas, but the mother refuses any kind of surgical debridement, surgery of any kind, or wound vacs. The mother also changes treatments frequently saying she knows what is best for her son. In the 11 months I have worked here, she has sometimes used 4 treatments in 2 days...(Xenaderm, Me-Salt, Panafil (if needed), or wet to dry) I have never studied to be a wound care nurse and woud appreciate any input from anyone.
    And it is charted daily that the mother does the wound care (even though we have orders from MD for nurses to do), but since she doesn't go by the orders, she does the treatments of her choice.
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