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    I am a new grad and I just started my job as RN in LTC. Today was my first day working on my own. I had a pt with almost healed pressure ulcer on his coccyx. The order in MAR was to apply alginate dressing. I asked other nurse if I need to cut the dressing and she said no. The size of the wound 1cm-1cm-0.5 cm. The dressing I found in the treatment card was 4cm-4 cm. i didn't know what to do. So I applied that size of alginate dressing on the coccyx area. I came home and read more about alginate dressing. Next time I would cut it to fit it just for packing. Next dressing change will be tomorrow for this pt. I am worring if alginate dressing will hurt healhy skin around wound. What can happen over night? The wound didn't have any drainage.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   annaedRN
    yes- you are right. cut to fit into the wound. if the dressing is on intact skin, should not affect it. one thing to consider though - alginate dressings are used to help manage the exudate of a draining wound. if the wound is fairly dry, alginate may not be the best choice of dressing - or, maybe the frequency of dressing changes need to be extended - alginate should be left on until it "gels" up - if it is dry and you have to try to soak it off then it is too soon to be doing the dressing change. it can be left on up to 7 days. sounds like you are critically thinking about it
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    Thank you!