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Hello there! Has anybody heard about WoundEducators.com? They said that they are endorsed by American College of Wound Specialist. I'm planning to take online class with these guys and they said that its a good CEUs too, then I can take a board for certified wound care associate afterwards. See, I'm an LVN and am planning to switch to wound care nursing. Just wanting to know what are the prospects out there. I need feedbacks, please... thank you. :specs:


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Hi! Hey, I have taken the online course with WoundEducators.com and I had all intentions of taking the CWCA exam. A coworker went through a course with Wound Care Education Institute and now they are certified with the National Alliance of Wound Care. They agreed to send me to this program too. I just finished a class last month. I am anxiously awaiting my exam results from the NAWC.

My point is, I have taken both programs and the course with Wound Care Education Institute was far better than the online course with Wound Educators. There was something "missed" with the online program. It was good information, but, not complete and thorough as the Wound Care Edu Institute class. It is really worth the money and time. They also have a great support system for after you are certified. I am so glad I did it.

Whichever route you go, I wish you the best. :D



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Thank you so much Lisa!

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