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Would I be ok as a Peds Nurse?

I've worked 2 years now on a med-surg/tele floor with adults. I've done my time. I'm SO ready to go. I did well, like the job ok, but just need a change.

I'm a mom of three, all different ages. My oldest is 21 and youngest is 8 w/ special needs. I've raised really good kids and felt I was a very good mom to them. Still am! :loveya: I don't expect, though, that being a mom will make me a good peds nurse. My kids were never acutely ill, and I realize there is a lot to pediatric nursing that as a parent, I have no clue about. Still, I feel it WILL give me a bit of insight into dealing with kids.

I've got a TON of patience, gleaned by raising this special needs youngster. I mean -- patience. I'm as patient as a TREE. I have dealt with so many meltdowns w/ this kid -- but we worked through it and he's so much better now. He is mildly autistic, and we've gone through behavioral training, special therapies, speech, special diets, you name, it. I also have a heart for special needs kids of all kinds.

Although I predict parents WILL make me crazy at times in pediatrics, at least as a parent, I feel I'll be able to identify with their passion for their kids and will understand why they are so irrational and concerned. I mean -- I'd be the same way if it were my child. In fact, for some reason, I really feel I'll be able to deal sincerely with this type of family members, vs the family members of older adults, who just drive me absolutely insane.

I'd like to go to peds because I feel the unit I'm on is not giving me a true med surg type experience. It's a speciality med surg unit -- more of a neuro focus, and I feel it's limiting me somewhat. I think peds is just like a mini med surg of sorts, and I'd like to get that more generalized experience.

And lastly, I LOVE kids. I'm fascinated by them and always have been. I was a past homeschooler of my own kids, and love teaching. I adore babies, of course, and would eventually like to become a lactation consultant as well, or Pediatric NP. I truly like kids of all ages, as well. Not just into babies. I love all ages and stages.

Time mangement -- good. I've got 2 years under my belt now, dealing w/ docs, hospital policies, paperwork, etc.

I think I'm ready, but I really want to impart this to whoever will be doing the hiring. Any hints? Suggestions?

I guess I also want to work with nurses who really, really care. I mean -- I hate to say this, but nurses of older adults -- some just don't seem to give a hoot. I can't believe that in pediatrics, you'd see this sort of attitude. I guess I'm looking to work w/ people who will inspire me a bit to be a better nurse. I'm just not getting that now, unfortunately.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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