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Would I love or regret?

Hi I'm Trish. :) I want to take college of nursing but some of my relatives says it's not indemand, hard to find job and small salary. But I really want to become, is there a hope of good opportunities I can get if I take nursing??? And is school background also important? Please help. April is coming I really need to decide. Thanks


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What your relatives are saying is true if we're talking about nursing in the philippines. Too many nurses and very little demand has led to exploitation of filipino nursea in the philippines. You have the false volunteerism and very small salaries in private hoapitals. The only way i see that you can live decently is if you get in to a government hospital, which is very hard to do by the way. But even then the money isn't enough if you plan on having a family. So the only option for a majority of the nurses in the the philippines is to go after jobs abroad. But its such a sacrifice being away from your family for years and years. That's several try to go after US employment because then you can bring your family with you.

Hi Trish. Follow your heart and take nursing if you really want it but take it at your own risk. Prepare your self for frustrations and set backs because finding a relevant job after becoming a registered nurse is tough.

School background isn't important but there are benefits, for instance if you graduated from schools like Makati Medical Center School of Nursing, Trinity University, UP Manila, UST, etc., then your chances of getting a hospital related job after graduation is higher because these schools have base hospitals where their graduates can work after becoming RNs.

After 2 years of nursing experience, you would have a lot of options to work abroad and earn lucrative amount of money.


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