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Worth returning to ICU?

by DelcoRunnerRN DelcoRunnerRN (New) New Nurse

Specializes in ICU / OR. Has 8 years experience.

My experience: 1 year tele, 2.5 years CICU, 3.5 years OR (current job). I am 31, married, no kids.
After starting my career on the floor for a good foundation I moved to critical care. I wanted to learn more. I was also considering going back to school to become a CRNA or NP. A couple of years went by, and even though I enjoyed critical care I grew tired of the bedside and nights. I also made no moves towards any kind of MSN. An opportunity to work in the OR popped up and I took it. From the get go I knew I would miss using my icu nursing skills and the autonomy I had, but I was willing to hang tight and give my new specialty a chance. A few years later and I am bored, tired of working with the same cranky surgeons, and hate being on call. Every time I put in a foley I fee like it’s a small victory because it’s the only nursing skill I use! I am pondering returning to the icu.

Pros of this decision: get to use my skills and actually help people, autonomy, reopens doors to advanced practice roles, icu is the best springboard to otherspecialties (cath lab, ED, Flight) and management roles.

Cons: going back to nights, possibly taking a big paycut (OR pays very well), working every third weekend again.

The pros make it seem obvious but it’s tough to leave a good schedule andthe best money I’ve been making as a staff RN. Also, I still have no set plans for grad school or anything. I just need some constructive criticism. Anyone leave a good paying day gig and go back to thetrenches to potentially better their future? (Best example would be day shift OR nurse goes to night shift ICU to get into anesthesia school).