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worst day ever


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My brain just wasn't working right. I made alot of little mistakes. They're afraid I might not be ready to move on to the integrated practicum. I feel so low.

I am sorry you had a rough day, and I hate that you feel that way. But based on one day experiance can't completely ruin your chance of moving on. They have to consider the other days and how well you did during that time. You also have time after this experiance to make up for that day. So make sure during your next scheduled time you just take your time and breath, think about the thing you are about to do before you even get to the room, if you need to do one thing at a time and get that accomplished before you move onto something else, and remember it is always okay to ask for help. If it is really upsetting you, talk to the professor about that day and have an open mind to them telling you what you did wrong and how you can improve and organize it. Putting the effort into talking to them will show them that you knew you were not up to par and are admitting to your mistake and are now looking for their advice to change it. :)

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