Worried about taking out student loans....!


I am starting my first semester of nursing school in the fall. I have to take out subsidized, un-subsidized, and private loans. When all is said and done by time I graduate, I will have accumulated around $60k in loans.

I am freaking out about this. I've never had to take out loans before. I am no longer eligible for financial aid because I already have a bachelors degree. I am also worried that I will not be able to work while in school because I need to maintain a certain average to stay in the program which will be difficult to do while working and attending school full time.

I know tons of people take out loans to get through school but the thought of it is really stressing me out! I keep thinking the worst about not being able to find a job once I graduate which results in me not being able to pay off this huge chunk of loans.

Has anyone else taken out this much in loans?????

Thanks for any input!


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I start the BSN program this fall but I've been attending the university since last fall and I took out a small loan. I do receive grants and applied for scholarships but decided to take out the loan for unexpected expenses just in case my grants don't cover everything for nursing school. Fees went up this semester to about $3700 and that's not including things I may need to buy for the program. I don't have nowhere near $60,000 in loans though. I only took out what I needed, I also work weekends as a CNA, and have decided to move back home. I'm cutting back as much as I can to save. Loans aren't a bad idea. People have to do what they have to do. I just won't take out any private loans though. Have you looked into scholarships too?


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I have personally not taken out that many loans. I took out 18g for my bachelors. My husband has well over 60g in loans though. So we are pretty much one big loan couple. It's not ideal. It's not the perfect situation. But it is what it is, and the only way he could have got his engineering degree and the only way I could have finished mine. Early on I would stress out. Now? It is what it is.

You may have to live modestly for a few years to pay them off- but I just see it as something you have to do, to get where you want to be. Unless you want to take one class at a time and pay cash.