What is Registered Nurse in India?

  1. I am from india and want to know about the Registered Nurse...
    Can anyone please throw some light on what is meant by Registered nurse? Some people said that it need be cleared another exam to become registered nurse. Some said after completing GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery), a GNM diploma Holder become Registered nurse.
    I am confused and dont know where i should ask it so i am asking here.
    In Simple a Registered Nurse is a GNM diploma/Bsc in Nursing degree holder?
    or A GNM/Bsc Nursing degree holder need nurse have to pass another exam of regsitered nurse, to become registered nurse?

    Please help me out...
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  3. by   dsunil
    I graduated from india in 2001(from chennai).I guess once you get your graduation certificate from the college/university.You have to take that to the nursing council and do the registration there.I dont think you need to take any test for becoming a registered nurse in india.
    Good Luck!!!
  4. by   Jaypatel
    In India, When u pass ur annual 3 rd year exam from a nursing board & when u get ur mark-sheet & Diploma Certificate with ur Nursing License, that it.. You are a Registered Nurse in INDIA.
  5. by   wally911m
    As far as i know, In India once you have passed all the requirements and graduated from the nursing school, automatically you will be a registered nurse. In some country such as Philippines, after the graduation you have to pass the board exam before you will be registered in the regulatory board. That is the time you could use the RN title.