UK-trained RN in TX trying to go back to Schoo

  1. Hello y'all,

    I am an RN in Texas and I have been working here for over two years now. Although I like my job, I am trying to put myself back to school to further my career. I became a nurse in my late 30s and although I have only almost 4 years of nursing under my belt, I'd like to go into psych np school. I am already 41 so it's going to be now or never.
    I gained my degree in the UK and since it is not a four year bachelor's degree, most universities here don't recognize it as equivalent to a US BSN. The only option I was offered so far was to do an RN to BSN (that would cost no less than $10k) and with a ton of pre-req. At this point, I am not too sure what to do. I have also looked at RN-MSN but it is more than I really wish to spend. Are there any other foreign grads that have experienced the same things ? And what have you done then ?
    I have enrolled in the UK to finish my MSc Nursing studies although I do know it will not help me get into any program here later.
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