Transferring credits - Berufsfachschule (Kinder/pediatrics) from degree in Germany

  1. Hi, I am currently in the process of applying to College here in the USA for nursing. I was born in Germany, and completed my Berufsfachschule (kinder/pediatrics) 3 year diploma/degree in Germany a few years ago

    i. I was wondering if anyone had prior experience/luck in transferring credits to a community college or university in the US

    ii. In Germany they use hours but it is "year-hours" - some theroetical classes are for a year and not "semester hours"; I would Any experience in how the year-hours translated to semester credits here in the US

    I already had my degree evaluated in the US but there is confusion at the college as to what the "hours" equivalency is to semester credits in the US

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   DocsWifey
    You should contact your board of nursing. Kinderkrankenschwester is partly accredited and the nursing board can most likely tell you what kind of classes/hours/credits you are missing. You might not have to go through the whole nursing school again! 1 credit equals 1 h/week in class, but it's probably hard to figure out for yourself how many credits you'll get for your education. Believe me, I tried lol. The nursing board deals with that all the time, so let them do the work ;-). In the meantime, maybe you can enroll in some classes you'll eventually need anyways like College English, Math, maybe Psych if you don't have a lot of hours in that.