student nurse wondering about OR jobs in Dubai or Abu dabi

  1. I am currently a scrub tech and i am starting nursing school soon. once i graduate i want to get into the circulator program at my current hospital to then follow and get my first assist. i have a few questions.......

    Are there ornp programs available for me to complete in countries like dubai and does the certification work in the US?

    Can i also get my first assist in dubai?

    Is being a scrub nurse, first assit or circulator something that makes me a commodity?

    Will i have to have my bachelors and experience before going and are these rules the same in Adbu Dhabi?

    Finally is i possible to get my bachelors while living in this countries?

    I am 32 and looking to pay off my loans while out of country and it sounds like a great opportunity. I am basically planning my career and path around leaving and doing this so the information would be very helpful. Thank you
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