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  1. I'm a fourth year undergrad student in Canada studying BScN. I'm considering moving to Singapore for 2 years right after I graduate and practice nursing there. I will be taking NCLEX and registering with CNA prior to. I've been researching and I just had a couple of questions for those of you who are able to answer:
    - Can I register for RN or would I be only considered for an EN (Enrolled Nurse) position?
    - I am aware of the low pay, but how much is the average salary?
    - When I come back to Canada, what are the procedures to work again in Canada?
    - Are there any advice?
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  3. by   MissIssipi
    Hi! I am not very sureabout your process since your Canadian. For most nurses who are applying in singapore from overseas are required to have 3 years experience. And salary is really low. But it will be enough if you know how to manage. Bit remmeber that Singapore is an expensive city.

    EN usual requirement is 3 years for an Spass holder. Your salary will also depend on your pass. Since youre canadian, you might get more salary and may not be required to have the 3 years solid experience from tertiary hospital.

    EN's salary is less than 2000sgd. They only have additional pay for night shift.
  4. by   MissIssipi
    Btw, I just remembered. Here you are paid according to your education, as well as qualified.

    So you might get qualified for EN post. But I think you should try to get an offer from a hospital, it will be better if they process for you.