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Hello to all nurses... dis is just helpful info 4 those hu r planning to go to Dubai..Please b4 u plan make sure u have the ff qualifications: prc license 2 yrs exp attested cert(school... Read More

  1. by   lawrencium
    heLLo everyone!!

    i am pLanning to take the DOH exam and i am a fresh graduate and i stiLL don't have any cLinicaL experience as RN..
    is it reaLLy required for fresh graduates to have atLeast two(2) years experience as a staff nurse??

    and how does the exam goes??
    is it Like questions from the NCLEX reviewers??

    thanks!! ^_^
  2. by   marialourdes
    hello nurses!how can i get a DOH LICENSE for dubai..my friend told me one of the requiremnts i am lacking of
  3. by   binolbinu
    For DOH ,DHA license for someone with 2 years experience what is the minimum
    score for BSC nursing gradute be ???

    for MOH a minimum of 60% is required is it same for DOH ?
  4. by   Canadian_RN_

    I want to quickly share my experience with everyone.

    I am here in Abu Dhabi on my husbands visa. I am a registered nurse from Canada.

    I applied to be exempted from the exam (because of my nationality) and was denied, and may be denied from a license all together (even after taking exam).

    The reasons for rejection I was given was:
    a) I had to have 2 years FULL TIME expereince. I was working 30h/week in Canada so apparently I did not qualify...

    b) I was told that I had to have at least one year general surgery or medical experience. (I worked 2.5 years in Vascular surgery, which includes general surg but they went by my resume).

    I have appealed this rejection and it's in the process.

    So be carefull, it's a bit difficult. But if you come with loads of experience you will be set, and will surely find a job easily.

    I got a job offer today and I hardly was even interviewed. This is because of my nationality, I am by no means bragging or anything, it is just the reality here in the UAE. I think it's unfair and backwards but just to give everyone a heads up as to what expect while living here...

    Good Luck!
  5. by   nurse_ghee28
    has anyone who took the HAAD? can you please share your experience? how was it?
  6. by   dragon17
    Quote from myrachel
    im a haad passer basically its simple questions based on clinical set up.. i dont have any idea about how's the moh or doh exam.. but some other says thats its look like haad questions.. how are u there? is there a lot of vancancy there?
    how was the exam? can you share some tips and pointers? im taking the xam in a week and im on self review. is self review sufficient for the haad exam? thank you
  7. by   dragon17
    i would like to ask what are the chances for a job hunt in abi dhabi? i have 1 year exp in a primary hospital. if i get hired as a nurse assistant, what are the chances of promotion to staff nurse after one year? will they consider it?

    also, if anyone has taken the HAAD, can you share some tips and pointers? is self-review sufficient for the exam?

    thank you very much!
  8. by   crazygurlnxtdor
    authentication at the UAE embassy does not charge per page.. its per red ribbon..
  9. by   griffin15
    anyone knows how to apply for HAAD?
  10. by   tisha.
    i hav cmpleted my nursing last year and nw i m working in a hospital as a registered nurse,,,bt i hav only experience of 1year and its already 2110hrs i ahv been working. i m so confuse wat to do or not coz my parents r in dubai and i also wanna join them,, but the previous posts shows that i m not qualified for nursing job in dubai
  11. by   kryzyl
    visit this site for the application for HAAD exam HAAD Testing with Pearson VUE
  12. by   rvalerta
    Piece of advice, enjoy first you're working years in your home country and once you had your qualified years of experience you can easily find a job in UAE that if you had a DOH/MOH/HAAD license. You can also take your licensing exam before going to UAE by taking HAAD exam in your nearest pearsonvue testing place. Don't be hurry coming to Dubai, you'll just find yourself jobless or working in a non related course job. Hope this help...
  13. by   jms8
    if i may ask what hospital are working in? because it seems that after you graduated you didn't have a hard time applying

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