registered nurse in the philippines currently staying in uae

  1. i took the philippine licensure examination last december 2011 and i was able to pass. they released the result first week of february same time that my residence visa in uae was approved. now im having a hard time to find a job here in uae because i dont have an moh,dha or haad license. ive seen the qualification of nurses to be able to take the exam and im not eligible to take it because i dont have any hospital experience in the philippines.thats why im plannig to go back to the philippines to have an ivt training and volunteer to different hospitals just to gain experience. is there any way that i can take moh or dha without any experience? like the hospital will be my sponsor for the exam. is it possible? i badly need some advice because it would really be a tough decision and sacrifice of time and money to go back again in the philippines.
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