prometric exam for nurses bound for Saudi

  1. I am planning to take the prometric exam but the thing is I'm not familiar with it.I dont know what to expect.So, feedbacks from those who took it will be of exponential benefit.thanks!
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  3. by   CranberryJuice
    Are you done with the exam? For the benefit of all, expect NCLEX type of questions - easy to difficult questions. And sometimes the answer is already in the question. I thought it is just easy. But then again, they presented the questions in a different manner, different than the NCLEX type/CGFNS type. I expected to have more than 80% score as this has been my scores eversince NLE and CGFNS. I performed poorly (I didnt meet my own standard!) but I still passed the exam. Goodluck!
  4. by   eclipse_RN
    no I didn't take the exam yet.So that means I have to use NCLEX reviewers.....I'm scheduled this coming April 23.God willing I will pass.Thanks for the info.
  5. by   CranberryJuice
    Quote from eclipse_RN
    no I didn't take the exam yet.So that means I have to use NCLEX reviewers.....I'm scheduled this coming April 23.God willing I will pass.Thanks for the info.
    Yes. Since Prometric is American based. You have to bunk on what you've learned in school. I didnt review for it because I dont have the time and reading the entire nursing books would drive me nuts.

    Critical thinking would also help. Passing is just 40% if Im not mistaken so it will not put too much pressure. Are you connected with an agency? Im with POEA-SRO.
  6. by   eclipse_RN
    wow that means you are really good! thanks for the advice much appreciated.
    Skills International in Malate is my agency.Any advise on what's the best hospital in terms of benefits in Saudi?Thanks!
  7. by   CranberryJuice
    you're very much welcome. :-) im a neophyte in saudi and still about to be deployed. they would always tell me that government hospitals in saudi provide better benefits. i will be working at king fahad hospital in jeddah (hopefully). i think the rate/salary will be based on your number of experience. rates are higher also if you are in special areas like, icu, er, or..
    benefits in government hospitals:
    - free tickets
    - free accommodation
    - free food or additional allowance for the food
    - free transportation, to and from the hospital
    - free sets of uniform
    - 30-45 days annual vacation leave, with free roundtrip ticket in the country of origin.
    - contract renewable yearly

    tip: to be placed in good hospitals/cities, you must get a high score in their qualifying exams and delegate's interview. according to the office, that will determine placement.
  8. by   eclipse_RN
    wow an icing on a cake! I worked in Jordan Hospital for 2 years as Pediatric Unit nurse and the benefits are minimal.Thanks for the information! If we really want to save money and earn, Saudi is a good place I guess.No bars,clubs hahaha

    Wow nice King Fahad...heard good things about that hospital.My Uncle wants me to apply in Saudi Military Hospital.

    Goodluck to you too!
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  9. by   CranberryJuice
    Well, I hope. Haha. If I like it there, I might stay there for several years. You should have submitted an application at POEA. They will just inform the applicants if delegates from Saudi are coming. It saves you *placement* fees asked by private agencies.

    I took my IELTS as well and yes, I guess it will just be thrown in a trash. Haha. But as long as we can pass the exams, there's no problem if we take again. I have heard a lot of nurses have a hard time passing the all 7 scores, and we are lucky cause we are able to get that. I took IELTS because it is required in my CGFNS exams.I also need that for VISA screen certificate.

    Lets just do good in our work and we will have a better future ahead of us. Money is okey to have but still it is important that we're happy with what we're doing.

    Goodluck to you as well! Have a good day!
  10. by   chizRN
    anyone know what agency has a recruitment for prince faisal bin fahd sports medicine hospital? i really want to work there