Prince Sultan Military Medical City PSMMC - hired/for interview/interested Nurses

  1. I am a follower of pef community's forum for nurses under psmmc but to my surprise it closed yesterday and i was anxious since so i decided to create this forum for all. First of all, I was hired last february 1, 2017 under ABBA and my papers was in processed already, no update for visa yet and no ticket too. Who among you got theirs and how long did you wait for it? Heard a lot if positive feedbacks from pef about the hospital so I am keeping my hopes up lol. Thanks!
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  3. by   Mishou
    Hi. Am still waiting for the ticket bound to Riyadh for PSMMC. Do you have any updates? Am from Princess joy.
  4. by   Cathleya87
    Hi there, good day to all im also psmmc applicant and still waiting for my ticket... do you have any news for the releasing of ticket?
  5. by   Bobi
    Hello I am from Abba agency and same here I am also waiting for the ticket.. Our agency informed us it will be the month of June they will deploy us. Since when did you wait? Thanks
  6. by   iane
    Hi! How much did they offer you for psmmc? Do you have any idea about psmmc, do they have good management? I received an application for psmmc too.
  7. by   iane
    How much did they offer you?
  8. by   Bobi
    4700 basic salary only not included the accommodation and food allowance plus the area where you will be assign...
  9. by   iane
    Do you have any idea if its a good hospital esp. the management?
  10. by   Bobi
    My colleagues from previous hospital are currently working there.. The management is good according to her and the accommodation as well but we will be working 12 hour shift but will have 2 to 4 days off straight. Are you waiting for ticket as well?
  11. by   iane
    Nope. I have an application for psmmc..what is your area? Do you think the salary offer is good enough? Other military hospitals offer 5000sr like in king fahd jeddah, but i heard the mgmt is not good.
  12. by   anawz
    hello! I have application for psmmc too yet still thinking if too pursue or not?..anybody who's or had worked there before in nicu?..Im considering also king fahd armed forces in jeddah, armed forces hospital in southern region and king khalid military hospital.. I'm confused which hospital will I pursue my application, can anyone share their thoughts/ experiences with these hospitals?..thanks and God bless us all!..anyways, abba agency here.
  13. by   aaa11
    Hi Nurses! Any updates on this? I am also a candidate for PSMMC under Abba and still waiting for my ticket. I was told last week that my visa has been issued.

    How long did you guys wait for your plane ticket?