Nursing jobs in colombia, south anerica

  1. Hi, I am a registered nurse in Baltimore, MD and I am looking for a travel agency that works with companies in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America. My grandmother lives in Barranquilla and is currently visiting with the family here in North America. She is bored to tears and wants to return home but bc of her declining mental condition both my father and my uncle, her only children, want to keep her here in America. I have been working as an RN for 20 years. I have held different positions in nursing and feel comfortable enough with my skills that I would like to find a nursing agency so that I can obtain a job in Barranquilla, Colombia, SA and live close enough to my grandmother so that she can return home. I have searched many international nursing travel agencies, but none of them give the option to travel to Barranquilla, Colombia, SA. Please, if anyone knows an agency that staffs this area, please let me know. I will continue my search and appreciate your comments on the matter at hand.Sincerely your Valerie Walsh RN P.S. I am fluent in Spanish which is my native language.
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