Need advice on discharge planning for citizen returning to Madrid

  1. I am a retired registered nurse living in Jordan, trying to help a family find the best placement for their father who wants to return to Spain (he is a Spanish citizen on pension). The patient is 73 years old and suffers from bipolar disease (early stages of treatment), alcoholism (has been in and out of AA) and is also being treated for a fracture of L1. He is a widower, and if left on his own, would likely resort back to alcoholism, which is what happened here in Jordan. He does not wish to live with his family, and the family would prefer it this way. I would like to know what services are available in Madrid that we can contact about this man. It is my opinion that he will need some sort of supervised care--possibly a part-time home health aide or a minimal-assistance living facility; in addition to medical nursing supervision of his mental status. He is currently a patient at a rehab centre in Amman. The physician is trying to coordinate with the family on a discharge plan which will take the patient's wishes into consideration. Any references, links, advice that I can pass along to this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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