My successful CA-NCLEX Application journey(foreign 2016 graduate)

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm a Philippine BSN graduate of April 2016. I'm a US citizen and all my education prior to college was completed in the states.

    I passed the Philippine Nurses Licensure Examination in June of this year and got my license this August.

    The school sent in all of my paperworks in the first week of September (Clinical rotations, major and minor cases(they are concurrent with the theory), transcripts, etc).

    I went back to the states early September but didn't pass my application, copy of ssn, copy of license, fingerprints(via mail) until end of September.

    I got an email from BreEZe and I registered and it showed that the BRN received my application on October 14, 2016.

    A few days ago, I checked BreEZe and the submission date was updated to 12/01/2016.

    That confused me so I called BRN yesterday and I was able to speak to someone within 15 minutes. They told me my application was approved which is why it was updated and my eligibility will be arriving anytime now.

    So I registered with Pearson and I received my ATT within 10 minutes of registration.

    I scheduled to take the exam this coming January 17, 2016.

    Recent graduates from the school I attended were successful in their CA-NCLEX application as well.

    Pray for me!
    Have a nice day!
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  3. by   ja_rules
    Hi Kitkatkei! I was hoping to know the school that you attended in the Philippines where you finished your nursing degree. I've been searching for nursing schools that can provide a curriculum that would fit the programs for examinations (NCLEX, CGFNS, TOEFL...) necessary for employment in the US especially in the state of California. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and God Bless!
  4. by   Midgette1985
    Hello, I see this post is from December last year. Can you post the name of the nursing school you attended in Phillipines? I have looked into several English taught ones there and am curious about yours. Thank you
  5. by   Kitkatkei
    Hi! Is there any way you can message me? I don't want to publicly post it as it may not be allowed since I haven't seen other people post it. Also, I passed it in one take. Cheers to finally being an RN!!

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