Looking into nursing, and I have a few questions.

  1. Hello. I am a sixteen year old male high school student looking into nursing. I live in Canada. I've got a few important questions that Google has either been unable to answer, or turned up mixed results, both general and specific. If you could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Due to the nature of this topic, it's kind of general, but I found here would be the best place to post because of some of the questions.

    1. I would be attending the university of Alberta, ranked fourth in the world. Would a degree from here allow me to work in the U. S. without too much trouble?

    2. I would likely become an NP, with a specialization in geriatrics. I want to move to Hawaii, and was wondering if the specialization would be good for there. It seems like it would, since I could imagine many people would retire there. Is there something i haven't considered about those job prospects?

    3. Further in regards to Hawaii, what sorts of salary specifically for geriatrics can I expect there as an NP? I'm aware of the higher cost of living. Also, is there anything I should know about nursing there?

    4. Is there anything else you think I should know on regards to the profession? I've done a fair bit of research, but some things you can only learn from experience.

    5. What are the pros/cons of being a male nurse in regards to the job market? I'm not worried about gay stereotypes. I'm sure as hell not gay 😜.

    Thank you for your time.
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