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I am to appear for haad license exams on 14th of october.Pls help me with the haad license past questions and answer... Read More

  1. by   theresaAquino
    sorry i made some errors
    Luzon Medical Center June 15, 2010- December 15, 2010.. Thanks
  2. by   ivan_aldrich
    i took the haad exam last jan 20 and passed it, where to get or received the haad certificate? Thanks
  3. by   ivan_aldrich
    What if 7 months experience in medical ward and 2 years experience in operating room?
  4. by   shaurigates
    hi guys i just would like to ask if you know some review materials for HAAD.PLS HELP ME I NEED TO PASS THIS EXAM.PLS send me some materials for the review of haad exam. thanks in advance shaurigates@yahoo.com
  5. by   rassel4u
    i am a fresh nurse from india . currently i am in UAE with my parents who are settled here. i wish to do PG in nursing but unfortunately 2 yrs of clinical experience is required for get admission for MSN. so i want to stay here wit my parents and work for 2 yrs. Is it possible for a fresh nurse to get UAE license. is it compelsory to obtain this license to work here?
    Plss throw some light here. thankz..........
  6. by   lorlie
    Quote from Floxyaudokwu
    I am to appear for haad license exams on 14th of october.Pls help me with the haad license past questions and answer
    mee too lorliego@yahoo.com
  7. by   Nar_s
    I'm planning to take HAAD exam anytime this year. I just want to ask if anyone here knows about oral examination?Thanks alot collegues...
  8. by   tjanne
    hi guys.. i hope someone would reply....
    i really need your help.. i took the HAAD exam last year and unfortunately
    i failed... although the questions seems easy for me i was surprised by the result...
    anyway.. i would like to ask about the specialty question in scheduling the exam.
    do you think I should have pick one?
  9. by   pinkcolor
    Hello me too, i was surprised about the rsults that i failed but the questions seems oke for me.. I had pick specialty category and until now I'm thinking if that affects my percentage limit thats why I failed. I need to take it again after 3 months.
  10. by   pinkpuffer23
    Can you give tips on what to read for the haad?nMy favorite has always been Saunders for my nclex and local boards.
  11. by   lyca
    Me to someone can help me to have Haad reviewer??plsssssss... You can send it in my email jm_lyca34@yahoo.com tnx anyways
  12. by   pieguieb
    How to start?..

    Register on the pearsonvue site?.. are they going to give you the requirements to take the exam?..
    please do help
  13. by   Lezlieann
    Im planning to take the haad exam this coming oct. pls give me tips..