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I am to appear for haad license exams on 14th of october.Pls help me with the haad license past questions and answer... Read More

  1. by   cijhane
    helloo... once you booked appointment and paid thru credit card they will send you a confirmation lette thru email. On the day of your examination you can bring it together with passport and any valid ID..

  2. by   stephencarlnunez
    @cijhane....Thank you very much, can you give me some tips or any strategies you used during the exam? Can i have the result right after the exam? and one mre thing, is there any cutoff item/time when you met the level of competency? like NCLEX-RN when the examinee met the said competency level the computer may automatically shutdown starting from the 75th item onwards. tnx.
  3. by   cijhane
    you are most welcome! i had my nclex rn two years ago so if i didnt review basics recently i would probably have a big prob. It is much easier than nclex but more on to calculations.. It is a 150 items and there is no such thing as level of competency, you are required to complete the whole examination. and YEs, you can have result right after with maximum time of 3 hours only.

  4. by   stephencarlnunez
    ic, ok thanku for dat info. tc
  5. by   maynar12
    can you please give me some tips what book am i going to read co'z i will be taking the said exam on the 28th of september ...thank you very much
  6. by   ailed andes
    I'm planning to take the HAAD licensure exam. can you please help me about the requirements needed prior the exam? do i need to have a schedule for the exam online or can i go there personally to have my schedule for the exam? and until when is the validity of the license? please reply. thank you in advance!
  7. by   maynar12
    no need to go to abu dhabi,you can do it online for your schedule of exam,just go to pearsonview site ,if you have taken the nclex exam for scheduling online ,same procedure .just click haad exam then just follow the procedure,about the requirements needed ,only ID and passport original but you will present that during the exam.
  8. by   ailed andes
    okay. what if i don't have credit card?how will i pay for the exam? the nearest testing center is in Makati right?can i go there personally to ask for the exam schedule and pay for it? thank you..
  9. by   ailed andes
    hi!just want to ask what if i don't have credit card?how will i pay for the exam? can i go to the nearest testing center for the payment? and until when is the validity of the license? thank you in advance! :-D
  10. by   brent09_kim
    [color=#333333]hi guys!!!i really need your help. i need some review materials for haad. i don't have any idea of what will come out in the examination. can anyone send me some sample questions, tips and ideas about the exam, please email me at [color=#006699]brent09_kim@yahoo.com.. what book should i need to review.. ? what are the scope....????[color=#333333]thanks !! it will be appreciated..
  11. by   stephencarlnunez
    hi, u cn read saunders book for nclex, nd try to practse ur skills nd strategies on how to easily answer those tricky questions. based on my xperience it is easier than the nclex rn.
  12. by   brent09_kim
    @ stephencarlnunuez:Thank you very much for the help!! Im planning to take the exam this coming october.. But first i have to go to pearsonvue and create an account...good thing i have the saunders nclex book..hmm.. Now i have to start reviewing..God bless!! tc
  13. by   ansherina18
    Good Day! Hi I am going to take the HAAD exam on October, I just want to know how many mos. in preparation for the exam? thank you