Foreign RN from Philippines with MI license Endorse to California BON-approved! - page 2

Hi colleagues! Let me just share my personal experience on endorsement process of my MI RN license here on California. I've been reading a lot from this forum about stories from foreign nurses... Read More

  1. by   Generkath1830
    I already send my SSN number before submitting my OR/DR cases
  2. by   mitchiefox
    Really?! Can you please give us a timeline of your application? So you mean to say that you have been waiting 6 months for a final decision from CABRN??!! Wow I can't believe how long they're making us wait for a decision.
  3. by   Generkath1830
    I applied for the exam june 2017 then i submit all the transcript and SSN to them they mail me a reply August asking again the university calendar of my school and the copy of my OR/DR cases which I submit it sSeptember or October this year,But as of now I never received any mail about it.
  4. by   mitchiefox
    Wow that's a long wait. I'm hoping for a positive response for you as well. They didn't ask for my cases yet and hopefully my school already took care of that part. Let us know if there's any update on your application. I will post here too if I receive anything in the following weeks. Goodluck!!
  5. by   Generkath1830
    Lets hope for the good news soon
  6. by   mitchiefox
    Hi there Generkath!! I just got the best news before Christmas today! I got my eligibility to take NCLEX RN!! Wooohooo. I'm so happy. After 4 long months, it's finally here. Time to study. Hang in there and hopefully you get yours soon as well.
  7. by   Generkath1830
    Nice one Merry Xmas!!yup ill be the next hopefully,,Goodluck and way to go ur RN
  8. by   mitchiefox
    Just a tip by the way, when your breeze submission date changes and still says pending/open, give them a call and it might be that you already got approved. Goodluck my dear and hope you have a happy holidays!
  9. by   Generkath1830
    All right thanks I
    cheked it almost everyday,Have a Happy Holidays too and Goodluck and GodBless always!
  10. by   kgellima
    Hi! I am planning to transfer my license from Illinois to CA.
    I had my BSN in the Philippines way back 2008 and took the NCLEX just this year. I have a concern with regards to their requirements, 'cause I read that one of those is the coy OR/DR cases. Sad to say I threw it already and when I called my school they said they are not keeping the records of 2012 and below. Is there anything I can do? Thank you so much and God bless.
  11. by   mitchiefox
    Just try to endorse first to CA and see if they will require those or not. They didn't require those from me. I'm a 2007 grad. It depends on your application and it's different for everybody.
  12. by   kgellima
    Thank you so much, @mitchiefox. Did you endorse your license also? How long is the waiting period?
  13. by   mitchiefox
    I directly applied to CABRN. It took around 12 weeks or so of waiting. They just needed the transcript of record sent directly from my school and from there, they will decide what else they would need from you. Give it a try! And goodluck! ������