Filipino Nurses in France?

  1. Hi! I'm from The Philippines and I'm currently on my last year in Nursing, on the BSN program and I plan to take my Master's in France. I've been trying to get information on their sites, but I find it really hard to see the information I'm looking for so I hope you guys could help.

    First off, what are the requirements I need for admission? I probably need to be a registered nurse in France, right? So what are the requirements I need to be eligible for taking their licensure exam?

    Please correct me if this is wrong, but to get to the stage of choosing my specialty (I plan to become a nurse anesthetist), I need to finish my Master's first (to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner). So, I can basically choose any university in France that offers MScn and worry where to take Nurse anesthesiology later right?

    If I finish my studies in France, will I be eligible to work in their hospitals? Secondly, do I need work experience before I apply in the university or does that depend in the university's standards?

    I guess that's it. Thank you for all the help guys.
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  3. by   Daly City RN

    First of all,do you speak French? If not, you may want to study French first, then try to be fluent in that language. A working knowledge of French may not be enough though.

    I visited Paris, France in 1997 and I was glad that I was able to get around the city with the help of hotel staff who, of course, spoke English fairly well and were able to give me inside tips about the city. All of the Parisians I encountered were nice to tourists like me, but many don't speak nor care to learn English.

    If you are going to work as a professional nurse, you of course will be communicating with your patients, fellow nurses, doctors and other hospital employees in the French language. Documentation is of course in French as well.

    I presume you have the financial resources to afford to study in France. Paris as you may already know, is very expensive. I feel lucky to be living in the United States where food is cheap and plentiful. This is not to say that food is not plentiful in France but, oh boy, it is expensive! Hotel accommodations were double the prices of comparable hotels in San Francisco, Ca. at the time I visited Paris.

    I never had the chance to meet fellow Filipinos who were living in Paris the year I visited that city, but I saw fellow Filipino-Americans from Los Angeles. They were easy to spot, the guy was wearing an L.A. Rams cap. (Rams were still in L.A. at that time). Wished I had my SF 49ers cap with me!

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    I speak french a bit (a bit = I've completed a level 1 intensive course at their official language center). I never really planned on becoming an RN at Paris until recently so it was great I started on the French classes already. I do think have the financial resources. What worries me is this: They do not recognize the degree from The Philippines and that might impede my plans to take my Master's there.
  5. by   she15
    hello i am also from phils i am married with a french and living in france and also a BSN year i am pursuing my study since the BSN is not accredited here i need to study 2 years more the equivalent of BSN here is just like a caregiver since they dont have nursing assistant!I do enrol also in french laguage school you need to be DALF C2 and need to translate all the papers.So good luck!!!!!!!!!!.
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