concurrency issues in Washington State

  1. Does anyone know about the concurrency issues in Washington State?If you are licensed in the Philippines and you plan to take NCLEX RN thus it possible that you can meet the requirements and can take the NCLEX RN right away after credential evaluation?special shout out to Filipino nurse who became nurses here in Washington State.Thank you!
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  3. by   Mishey2
    I'm not a nurse yet in Washington State but I did apply there and did not have any problems with concurrency after my application was denied in my home state of California. I graduated in 2014.

    I know of somene who graduated in 2012 or 2013, was denied in CA also, but accepted in WA.
  4. by   Mishey2
    Only after approval from both the credentialing agency and the WA DOH, then you can register on the Pearson Vue website to sit for the NCLEX.

    After the credential evaluation with CGFNS (can take months), they will forward your documents to WA state. During that time of waiting, apply for WA State. You still need to take an HIV/AIDS awareness class (can be online) before you submit your application to WA state. After both accept you, WA state will e-mail you an ATT (Authorization To Test).

    After receiving an ATT, register to schedule the NCLEX-RN on the Pearson Vue website with the provided ATT ID# from the e-mail that WA state will send to you.
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