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working without a contract?


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I'm wondering how common it is to have an NP job without a formal contract? Myself and another NP were hired by the same organization, by the same person, with the same package offered at about the same time. There was no contract offered and I did not think to ask for one. The person who did the hiring has since left the company and there has been some restructuring. I am up for my 1 year evaluation and raise and it has brought to light that I am not receiving all the benefits I was offered in my interview. I have the salary I was offered, and that is the only thing in writing. I was told my licenses and certifications would be paid for and now they are taking them out of my "education / CME money". I was told my annual raise would be a certain percent and it is lower. They are small things but adding them up amounts to something to me. Is this just my mistake for not asking for a contract and oh well? Should I fight it? In this time of cut backs I hate to rock the boat as I love my job otherwise (it is my first NP job). But part of me feels like I should stand up for myself and what I was promised.

What do you see as the pros and cons of having a contract or not? Should I fight for the verbal offer I was given during my interview (there are two of us to corroborate), or just get what I have now in writing so it is safe from any future cut backs?


I think you already have the answer. At your eval, bring up what you had a verbal agreement too, then get it in writing. Good luck