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Working as a student nurse


Please excuse my ignorance, but can a student nurse work as a nurse in a hospital under the supervision of an RN? I've had people tell me they could do that, but I have never heard of it. I plan to work as a PCA starting this summer (I start nursing school in the fall.)


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I'm not sure if you are talking about an apprenticeship or not, but if so, then yes, you can work under another nurse. I just finished up my first semester and am interviewing for apprenticeship positions at local hospitals. They pay well ($13-14 an hour) and will give me experience. I'm not sure if you are working under that nurse's license or not. And I'm in Nevada so I'm not sure if California operates differently.

RNtraining, is this the same ae the externship program? The hospital told me today that I will be qualified for this program after my first semester.



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Yes, it is. Externships are for student nurses, whereas internships are for new grads wishing to learn a specialty.


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In my neck of the woods, the title is "Nurse Tech", and you can work as one after your first semester of nursing school.

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I worked as a student nurse for a year before graduating and it helped to prepare me for working as a floor nurse. The clinical experience, although great because you can do so much research at home about patients, is incomparable to the experience you can garner by working 12 hour shifts directly with a nurse. I highly recommend it and hope that more and more hospitals offer this program. Check your local hospitals to see if any offer this, and if they do not, ask when they will. :D

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