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Can a student CRNA become employed as a CRNA before graduation? I konw they do not recommend working while in this demanding program, but was wondering when a student would be eligible to work as an anesthetist? Thanks for info!:p

Hey lilian, how do you like working as a travel nurse?



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I love it. I love the freedom and especially the money. I want to eventually have myself situated so that I can stop and go to school full time. You hear a lot about companies not following through. I have only worked for Fastaff. They have been supportive and the couple of errors they have made were quickly and professionally resolved. TNI sounds like a horror story. I did one travel assignment with Cross Country, my recruiter was great but I had a bad situation with a hospital and got no support, the hospital is their customer. I have had some uncomfortable situations while traveling with Fastaff and found the managers to be supportive.


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To answer you primary question - absolutely not! You may not practice anesthesia at all until you graduate. There are provisions to allow you to practice prior to passing boards, but you must graduate first.

There is a reason schools "do not recommend" working while in the program. You will be far too busy. Trust me. I tried, as did several of my classmates. Only one was able to work more than once or twice A SEMESTER, and she did it by working weekend nights. Even then, she gave it up after about two semesters of school.

Kevin McHugh, CRNA

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