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A little about myself, I have high fuctioning autism and a few mental illnesses.

I work as a overnight cna in a home care and it's great, but I will be starting a medical program hopefully this fall so I can not work full time nights if that happens. I can not work days as a cna because it is way too social for me so I need a new day job. I'm thinking about being a pharm tech part time during the week and working as a cna every weekend or every other weekend.

My question is will I be overwhelming myself or will this be fine? Have any of you worked during the day and gone to school full time? I will be taking classes in hematology, microbiology, immunology, ect in my program along with clinicals. Have any of you been cnas every other weekend? Did your boss mind? I know I asked a lot of questions, but hopefully I can gain some insight on what to expect.

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Are you licensed by the state to be a pharmacy tech? Back in the day you could just go and get a pharmacy tech job anywhere but that is not the case anymore. In my state you need to be licensed by the state and you have to take some classes. As for being a CNA on the weekends talk with your employer. I would have no idea what your employer thinks.

In my state you can work at a pharmacy and they will train you then pay for your state test.

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