Working Part-Time 1st Semester UNLV SON


So I've heard mixed things about the 1st semester of nursing school, and was wondering how everyone's experience during their first semester at UNLV was (given that you went to UNLV for nursing school), because... the moment, I'm working full time in an unrelated field, and have the opportunity to work for as little or as many hours as I'd like going into my first semester of nursing school, all within the regular 9-5 M-F work day. Would working at all be very much impossible during the 1st semester? Or would I be able to squeeze in a few hours during the week? I'm thinking the most I'd work is two 4 hour days during a week of school. I basically will be working on a contractor basis and can work or choose to stop work as I please without any trouble.

Just wondering how the schedule is, and to be honest, I'm not sure if any of the time during the 9-5 work day is free if I'm going to UNLV's nursing school. I'm just searching out there for answers. Hope you can help. Just working those 4-8 hours a week would be INCREDIBLY helpful for me since tuition is so extravagant.

Again, it would be 4-8 hours a week any time during the 9-5 M-F workday, start and stop as I please, and most likely only be the 1st or 2nd semesters. Any advice? I'm expecting a big resounding response of "DO NOT WORK," but it's good to hear everyone's opinions. :)