Working overseas is not the only thing for filipino nurses

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The Philippines has become a body-exporting country. Why not? We are ranked among the top workers in the world. But what are the social costs of that?

Our country is being brain drained... we leave our families...our children are being taken care of by nannies.

But what choice have we got?

2 years ago, i was an fresh grad stuck to the thought that working abroad was the only way to professional, financial, and personal freedom.

When I was finally in another country, I thought i was happy. I thought I was finally realizing my dream. But i was wrong. There were social costs i had to pay and i wasn't ready for that.

I came back to the Philippines. I was changed. I started to actively involve myself in looking for ways to realize my dream without having to do unnecessary sacrifices.

I am so happy I found one.


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Hi Kylie! I feel for you. I'm kind of stuck in a rut right now. I really want to make use of my nursing skills but I don't know where to go anymore sometimes. Like you just being able to go to another country to earn pounds or dollars wouldn't be enough to make me happy. I just want to be able to serve but there are just not and live a decent life pursuing my calling.

By the way, are you referring to your job as a medical butler? Ive kind of been looking into that. Can you share some insights about what it's like?

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