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Opinions please....

I am currently a full time student and "had" thought (silly me!!) that I would not be starting my ADN classes until 2012. My plan was to reduce the total semester hours I take from "17ish" to about "9ish" credit hours each semester starting Spring, 2011 till my ADN classes. This reduction would allow me to start working as a CNA. In October I began working for a home health provider then...SURPRISE! Plans have changed! I am now starting my ADN classes much sooner...namely 1/10/11. :yeah:

I had advised the new company that I was a student when I interviewed and again when I started that my schooling is a priority. Basically, I want to keep up my GPA (3.8). HOWEVER, they are scheduling me for much more than I had requested as they are short handed. On my part, I have turned down assignments and am talking to them again about only wanting to work part time (basically our agreed upon hours) and to assure that they understand what I need for hours. I want to advise my supervisor again as to why I am turning down their requests and to discuss my class hours.

I am undecided on what to do can you share with me some of your experiences: 1) about trying to work while attending ADN classes 2) has anyone else had these same types of scheduling issues with home health services


Sighed....Loving the people I serve, not sure what to think of the employer :confused::uhoh3::confused:

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