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Dear Nurse Linda;

Your recommendation to Hearts was great. I am a work related disabled nurse with Hospice/Home Health Case Mgmt background. I will probably never be able to return to what I once did so I am trying to go into business for myself from home. I love hospice and grief counseling with caregivers, writing, medical records review but how can I make money on those (except writing) on the internet within the legal boundaries for nurses. Can you give some pointers on how to get started? You should be very proud of yourself. Good luck to you.


Gloria Hoffman, RN


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What an AWESOME message!! You really made my day! SINCERELY!! >!!

Well, after ten years I moved AWAY from healthcare because I wanted to own my own business... from home and using the internet... and my background of medical records auditing and medical fraud reviews with LNC are just dying fields. As nurses we COULD still find an employee job "in house" in these fields for a bit longer, but there's no stability AND the field is just constantly dwindling due to Managed Care... AND they just won't let me work in my PJ's and slippers like I can from home!!! LOL!!!!

IF you want to stay an employee, and you had really good relationships with your past employers, AND you agree to sign a total release of liability, why not approach them to see if they'll let you work from home. IF you do that tho, you need to be sure to bump up the professional you carry personally, because I'd not be comfortable even TOUCHING medical records or patient info on line. One hacker gets into your computer and you're sued.... and NO lines are secure.... Hackers even get into the FBI and Bank systems...

I want to tell you something. A VERY dear friend told me years ago Ineeded to take off the "blinders" and look OUTSIDE of healthcare, and it took me years to actually listen and do it. MY only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!! It's a BIG world out here. I'll admit I had to stretch outside my comfort zone, but MAN am I EVER glad I did... We can reach ANY goal if we want it bad enough and we position ourselves in front of a GROWING and not dwindling field...

I wish you all the best! Feel free to email me and pick my brain...

Linda/CMAS, BS, RN

[email protected]

ICQ - 10383018

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