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Work at home experiences?


Looking for up to date info on nurse's experiences with working at home. I did some research and it appears that I could be making a better salary working from home for an insurance company (utilization review, or case management) and I think I would love the work! I'm currently in case management HH (pay per visit) and my pay is in the lower percentile for RNs in my state. The pay is just a perk though, I mostly want to do this for my happiness.

I have a BSN. I am a homebody, a bit of a free spirit. I went to school online for most of my schooling mainly because it just worked for me. I'm a great nurse, my patients love me dearly. But I'm happiest working alone. I can accomplish so much more and at the end of the day, I feel happy with myself. The only job I've ever loved is private duty HH (work alone with a complex HH pt for 12 hr shift), but the pay is too low and there are no benefits. I have never been able to tolerate a job where a manager is dictating my every move. Home health case management has worked best for me but I've even found that it doesn't fit my personality either, and I'm starting to burnouts really quickly. All I want is to find my niche in nursing. Can anyone relate?