Work in EVS or not in healthcare at all while in school?


i have worked for a health system for a little over a year now, and start rn school in august. the system offers a scholarship where they pay for your schooling in exchange for 3 years of service after you graduate. my wife did this option, and i want to do it as well. the system also pays you as an "experienced" new grad nurse if you have either 2 years of clinical, or 3 years of non-clinical experience in healthcare. since i have 1 year of experience now, and 2 years of schooling ahead of me, i can have the 3 year criteria satisfied by the time i graduate, which means a $3-$5 pay increase over a new grad. i like the sound of that.

so i sent out applications to literally every job offered within the system that i qualified for (and a couple i didn't qualify for, just in case.) so far the only department to call me back was evs (housekeeping.) while i can eat some humble pie and be an evs worker, the pay won't be very much, and i don't think i will get any relevant experience out of it --> it wouldn't be value added to me in a nursing sense. but it would allow me to keep up my employment in pursuit of the 3 years mark. our system has a 1 year minimum term of service before you can transfer to a new job, so after the first semester of school (when i would be able to work as a tech or cna) i would not be able to transfer to the better job because of the transfer rule.

i also work at a restaurant right now, where i average ~$21-$25/hour, significantly more than i would make as an evs worker. and the evs job would probably mean i had to quit the restaurant job which i enjoy doing.

so i'm torn. should i try to keep a healthcare job so i make more as a new grad? or do i say to hell with a lower paying job and keep the fun restaurant job while i'm in school, but make less after i graduate? i can't decide. any advice?