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where do you work CNA's


Can a new grad CNA work in a hospital? And if so do you get a choice in which department? I am think ing about trying CNA before I do LPN, any answers are greatly appreciated.


Specializes in Critical Care. Has 4 years experience.

Yes you can work in a hospital as a CNA however most hospitals are weary about hiring unexperienced CNA's/PCT's. However good luck!!!

BTW I work as a Critical Care Tech in an ICU and a Patient Care Associate in an ER... currently going to nursing school.

I am a nursing assistant in a hospital. I am not a CNA and I had no prior experience. I applied online for a unit sec. job. When I went for my interview, the director of the unit said he felt I would be much better working with patients. So he hired me per diem. I was orginally told I would be getting into the nursing program at the local school the following semester. 2 years later, I start the nursing semester in Jan 2010, and I am still a per diem assistant. Which stinks because they don't pay for my school, but is good because I can focus on my young children, and school with out work being ANOTHER distraction. :loveya:

Nursing homes are great for hiring you, and paying for your schooling, from what I hear. They expect you to stay for a set amount of time afterwards, which could be a good or bad thing.

Good Luck!