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Hi all, I have just been informed that I am in for the clinical portion of the nursing program for next Fall.

There is also a chance if there are three drops from the program that I could get in the program Spring.

I need some advice. I work at a large university with a medical school 20 hours per week and I also am

a mother of two kids (8 & 12yrs). I am allowed to set my own work schedule as long as I am available

to my boss for an hour three days per week. This means I must work three days during the work week

with at least one of my working hours falling between the hours of 11:00 AM and 4:00PM. I am able to

get to work at 1:00PM after my clinicals two days a week and work until 6:00PM and I will have one day

per week off of school to work 8 hours during the normal workday. I also should mention I work an hour

from the nursing school and my home so the commute time must be considered as well.

On paper, it looks like I can be to all my classes and clinicals and still make it to work, but I am

worried about the stress. Luckly, I only have to take 11 credits at a time because

I have completed all my other courses. The other point about working is that I am able to study for 30

minute blocks of time and I have access to the giant Medical Library.

What do you all think? Is this a workable situation? Am I crazy to try to do it all? Should I quit work and

take a loan out for living expenses?


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