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Word to the wise

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The hesi test that I took a little while back. although the book helped with some math not all. Which is why I did not pass the math part is a lot of fractions in sets of multiples also a lot of word problems the guide is easier than the actual test.The vocabulary is not too bad ,but asked questions like what type of tool would you use for a bent pipe I was like *** well it is a staek knife I found out later .I felt what does this have to do with vocab and nursing . you are given a laminated paper which sucked with markers that does not even work. So make sure yours does. They will not give a pencil and paper which is rediculous.If you are taking the entrance study some A and p the only thing it covered was math, reading ,grammar and vocabulary.You do not have enough time for math being there is 50 problems .and 50 minutes . the reading is not bad at all the vocab is tough I am 43 and I have an extensive vocabulary. and the critical I did in 15 minutes I worked in the er so I scored hight . The reason I was not happy you have to score a 75% in all categories regaurdless of your GPA and critical thinking score if you score ANYTHING below a 75 you are out of luck.

This is just another way for colleges to really cut back on nurses EXcuse me ,but dont we have a shortage of nurses already. I am just saying.

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