Wondering about Aspen, Ashford, United States University


Ashland, Aspen, , Ashford University. Has anyone heard or done RN to BSN program through these schools? I'm interested just because they have payment plans? Any information would be much appreciated.

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If you search allnurses.com there are a number of threads of students who have gone to Aspen University.


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United States University is legit. It's CCNE accredited and completely online.


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I'm starting the family nurse practitioner program October 30, 2017. My experience so far has been very professional. I was waitlisted at Frontier and refuse to wait in a holding pattern. I wish I'd applied at first because I spent $100 on the application fee at Frontier. I could have used the $100 for my first books at . The program is $27000 and if you do not want to take financial aid out you can pay $375/month for 72 months interest fee. They have had several cohorts graduate, pass boards and are working as FNP. The MSN credits are $465. In addition after completing the program you'll receive a tele-health certificate and the program is CCNE accredited. Downside is there are 3 immersion visits to their campus in San Diego for suturing, casting, reading X-rays, etc. Clinicals are the 2nd year in line with each class. They will help you find preceptors but as with most programs it is your responsibility. They have been recently acquired by the aspen group which owns Aspen University. A very popular and large university in Colorado.

There is a option after being waitlisted! Their next enrollment date is January 8, 2018. I'll try to update this post after starting. Best wishes!

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AtBat, do you have any updates on the program since you have started it? I am looking at various different FNP schools and this one definitely catches my interest due to the price and the speed of the program. I am in Colorado and have applied to a local University here. It is more than double the cost and will take 3-4 years to complete. It was also a rigorous application with essays, letters of recommendation, etc. The fact that does not require any of this is slightly concerning. I definitely don't mind going to San Diego for a few weekends (there are certainly worse places to visit!)

How do you like the classes? I am currently employed full time working M-F 8-5; would a schedule like this work? It is difficult to find a lot of information or reviews on this program so any further information on your experience so far would be very helpful!


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Hello, are you currently in the United states uni. FNP program? if so how is it going please?