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Wonder if I'll have enough nursing background

Just started a FNP program this past spring. Am doing well. Still working 2 days a week on a med/surg/tele stroke unit. I see a lot there, lots of neuro, stroke, BP, DM, etc. -- but it's not the ER. I also at one time wanted to do ICU, but to transfer to ICU or ER I would need to go back to a full time rotating schedule. Right now I have a very sweet part time gig on this unit -- basically just sign up to work when I want to, and it's just enough to pay the bills I need to pay and to do school part time to graduate in 2012. I like my unit and am relatively comfortable there.

But part of me just wants to take a year off from school and go get that full time nursing stint in the ED or an ICU to prepare to be a more experienced nurse after getting the FNP degree. Would not not make me more attractive to employers to have more nursing under my belt?

By the time I graduate, I will have 5 years experience as a nurse, but only on this one unit. How will that look on my resume?

I know this question gets asked a lot.


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