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WKU MEPN Spring 2021

by pizzaplease2 pizzaplease2 (New) New Pre-Student

Hey! I just wanted to start a post for the WKU MEPN program as there doesn't seem to be one on here at all. Please post your stats and update the post with any word back from admissions!

A little background on myself: I applied to the MEPN program for Spring 2021. 

I have a Bachelor of Science from FAU with a pretty low GPA (3.0 pushing 3.1 if rounded). I also have a Masters in Health Administration from UCF with a 3.9 GPA. For the prereqs, I have a B in A&P 1, A in Nutrition, and I got a C in A&P 2 the first time around so I'm reenrolled in the class now. 

I also took the HESI and got a 91%

I also submitted a LOR from the lead CRNA at mass gen but I don't know if they even read LOR for the MEPN program. 

I applied last night so I will post when I hear back, hope this helps!

Good luck everyone! Hope we all get accepted!