Thinking about changing my major it's too much.I want to do  nursing it  is my dream but this Professor it's really difficult I so enjoyed anatomy and physiology 1 the professor was great this one just gives u the material and says here u go figure it out it seems.I have made so many sacrifices to get here not seeing family aand friends as much it's very isolating,went from GED liberal arts did statistics,organic Chemistry 1 and 2 A&P 1.Worked my way from the bottom I don't know if I have it in me to pass anatomy 2 it is really hard I go to tutoring I did really well on the first exam but I hate the heart and the blood vessels it's very hard.I hate math she is making us count using the hemocytometer I don't get it I explained it to her doesn't care.I may withdraw and try again or just change my major I'm spent and done!She is going to drop one exam if it's bad but I don't even know if it's worth it to continue.Any advice or words of encouragement would be appreciated im at that point where I want to give up