Withdrawal babies

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Just need to vent a little. It seems like my unit has some pretty jaded staff. I get very frustrated with women who use during their pregnancy and it breaks my heart to see the effects on the baby, but I still try to be compassionate with the family when they visit. I have seen staff essentially snub a mom that has tested positive for drugs. I saw one mom in tears, sitting alone with her baby. Even parents that are on methadone and seeking help seem to be treated poorly. Some mothers that use never seem to come to visit, while many others come on a regular basis. Regardless, they are fighting their own demons. I doubt they are happy about the impact on their babies and I think at some point they may carry tremendous guilt. It does not seem ethical for us to judge them, especially not knowing what has led them to make the choices they have.



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You have brought up a subject that I have great interest in.I see many babies in withdrawal and many different kinds of mothers that come with them.My personal feeling is that I can not change what has happened with this baby.I have no idea what has happened in this woman's life that put her in this situation so I sure am not going to judge her.Prehaps she has never caught a break in life for all I know and I decided a long time ago that if she was only going to meet a few people in life who would not judge her then one of them would be me.Being rude or judgemental serves no purpose,You can not change her or her situation but you can treat her like all other mothers and the system will deal with her problems and those of her baby.I remember a guote I read many years ago that said"A kindly thought so often helps a sad heart on its way although we can not always see the good it does that day"Just continue to be compassionate and you will always know that's what a good nurse can do for this woman and her baby.

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