Welcome Nwtc Nursing Students!!

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    I am inviting any NWTC nursing students to join in to this forum or anyone thinking about joining the program. Please register...it is FREE!

    This forum can be used to unite NWTC nursing students to share and exchange thoughts, opinions, ideas, and to support each other through this trying time. Introduce yourself...let us know where you are at in your program, share your experiences so far. Here we can unite to get to know each other, form study groups, exchange textbooks, offer advice...and make friends!!

    Tell your friends, spread the word...you can do this quickly by sending out multiple emails from your BLACKBOARD-COMMUNICATION-SEND EMAILS tabs and let others know how to get here. Remember it is under the WISCONSIN NURSES FORUM! We can be huge resources to each other throughout this journey!! Hope to hear from you all soon!! :smilecoffeecup:
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